Should You Use a Fake Doctors Note?

No matter how much we love our work or how virtuous we would like to be, we, at one point take a sick day when we are not actually sick. It is easy for some but more complicated for those whose employers require a doctor’s note.

Why You Should Use a Fake Doctor’s Note

Let’s face it, very few employers or teachers will allow you to skip work or school when you need to:

• Binge watch a television show 
• Play a newly released game (some are so good, you simply can’t wait)
• Witness the opening of the new season of a sport that you like
• Watch some big match that conflicts with your working hours

• Receive a long-lost friend at the airport during business hours

People lose jobs and students get reprimanded for being away without official leave. If you must skip work or school for a reason that is not likely to receive a free pass, a fake doctor’s note can be particularly helpful.

You may even have a very good reason that you feel will not be acceptable by your superiors. Such a note will save you the long explanations you have to invent for missing a class or work and get you off the hook faster. It can be particularly difficult to explain your way out of some tricky situations and since some of us are very bad liars, you will find yourself in trouble if you get caught.

If you use a fake doctors note that easily passes as a real note, most employers will cut you some slack and ask you to resume work when you feel better.

Nevertheless, you can only get away with it if your fake doctors note looks genuine. The details that distinguish an authentic note from a fake one are usually hidden in the print, the language, the appearance, and even the handwriting.
doctor talking to patient

How to get a medical excuse note

Since technology has made it possible, there are printable templates of sick notes you can download, edit, and print quite easily.

However, you can’t just use any random template you find on the internet, your employer may be clever enough to find you out. Spare a moment to think of the consequences if you get caught:

• Your wages can be docked
• You may receive a warning; pushing you towards the exit door
• You may be denied sick leave when you are actually sick

• You may get fired

Since you can’t leave that to chance, you can use for the most authentic-looking fake doctor’s excuse note. They have a collection of doctor’s notes from where you can choose the most appealing one to use. The notes are also based on the country because different countries use different conventions with their sick notes. They have notes modeled after those issued in the US, Europe, and Canada.

Once you receive your note, you can edit it online and print it using your home computer. The best part is that you can use the service as many times as you want without getting caught and they also refund money if you feel dissatisfied with the service.

Written by Mark Covelli