How to report a bad chiropractor?

How to report a bad chiropractor?

Chiropractic is a surgery-free treatment for mechanical disorders in the spinal cord. It is a science and a very delicate art. A small lapse in concentration or a mistimed move can leave you crippled for life. While choosing your chiropractor, ensure that he is a trained professional and has a history of performing successful and effective chiropractic practices. Thousands of people in the US complain of aggravated back pain and continued discomfort throughout their lives.

If you or any member of your family and friends happens to have suffered due to a bad chiropractor, it time you took action and report the chiropractor’s work to the concerned authorities for legal actions. You would not want anyone else to suffer due to the same chiropractor. Would you?

How to report a bad chiropractor

Here is how you can report a bad chiropractor and inform concerned authorities to take suitable action:

1. Select The Right Authority

Once you have identified a bad chiropractor and you wish to report him, it is essential to know the right authorities to bring your complaint to. Grumbling on social media or trying to punish the offender yourself can do you more harm than good.  Reporting them to the right authorities can result in their license being suspended or them not being able to practice again, which means they can’t hurt someone else.

If you are in the US, then The Board of Chiropractic-Examiners web portal is the right authority to post your complaint to. Similarly, if you stay in the UK, you need to visit the web portal to file your complaint. You need to look out for the designated authorities who can assist you in filing your complaint.

2. Obtain A Complain Form

The first step to report a bad chiropractor is to obtain the complaint form from the website of Board of Chiropractic-Examiners. The link to the website is The board is entrusted the task of ensuring that the licensees abide by the Chiropractic Initiative-Act.

3. Verification Of Complaint By Authorities

After receiving your written complaint, the authorities will verify and systematically investigate facts. Complaints on sexual misconduct, insurance fraud and negligence, are mostly referred immediately for investigation.

The board also prioritizes criminal offences, chiropractors performing unlicensed practices and false/misleading advertising campaigns. However, the board does not have authority to investigate billing and pay disputes.

4. Ensure Your Report Is In Writing

Make sure you produce your complaint in writing and provide as many details, documentary evidence and footages as possible. Your evidences can contain but not limited to patient records, invoices, photographs, contracts, and correspondence.

It is not mandatory to refer to the law that the practitioner has violated but make sure the documents provide a concrete charge sheet against the chiropractor and gives enough ground to the authorities to investigate the allegations. An incomplete or proof-less complaint might take longer investigation time.

5. Receipt Of Complaint

After receiving your complaint, the board will courier a copy of the complaint acknowledging the receipt of your complaint. The complaint report is then internally reviewed by the board officials. In majority of the cases, if you choose to remain anonymous and not reveal your identity, then the board cannot take effective investigation measures and the cases remain pending for longer durations.

Therefore, it is essential that when you report a bad chiropractor, ensure that you include your identity and help the board in effectively fighting bad chiropractic professionals.

6. Investigation Findings And Corresponding Action

When the chiropractor is found to be guilty of your charges and all evidences imply his guilt, then the board takes suitable actions based on the law. Based on the degree of offence, the practitioner’s license can be revoked, he can be imprisoned as well as fined with heavy sanctions, etc.

Minor violations can result in temporary cancelation of license or strict warnings to abide by healthy chiropractic practices.

Chiropractors often save us from complex surgeries and unbearable pain. However, there are a bunch of practitioners who are either not skilled or trained enough to carry out such delicate procedures or are not licensed to provide chiropractic therapy.

In such cases, it is the duty of individuals like you and me to report such cases duly and get rid of these fake practitioners. Your body is a place of worship and it is essential that you guard it against unlicensed and incompetent intruders like a bad chiropractor.

It is also an extended duty on your part to ensure that before carrying out such procedures, you verify the credential and license of the chiropractor. You can also visit or call people who have tried his services and get some feedback on his expertise. It might sound a bit like going too far overboard, but you would not want to live the later parts of your life on a wheelchair. Would you?

Written by Mark Covelli